Career in Travel and Tourism Industry after 12th

career in Travel and Tourism Industry after 12th

we have a critical situation in India which is related to jobs. in the Indian market, computerization is taking over.

Thousands of fresher students are finding jobs and thousands of experienced people are searching for jobs.

In this whole situation, we must need to be very careful about choosing the right career for students.

Now a day so many people are making their career in Travel and tourism industry.

this is the only industry where you can grow your career because of the travel and tourism one of the fastest-growing industry in the world and India as well.

According to the newest reports from (WTTC)

Travel & Tourism generated 25,394,500 jobs directly in 2016 and this is forecast to grow by 2.1% in 2017 to 25,925,500.

This includes service by hotels, travel agents, airlines and other traveler transportation services. It also includes.

for example, the activities of the restaurant and leisure industries directly supported by tourists.

It is estimated by 2027, Travel & Tourism will account for 31,910,000 jobs directly, an increase of 2.1% pa over the next ten years.

So, if you are fervent about traveling and love to travel you can think to choose the travel and tourism industry as a career.

Here we are providing some of the best career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry in which you can enroll after 12th.

Travel and Tourism Courses are divided into three parts short-term courses, Diploma in Travel & Tourism and Professional Courses.

Short Term Courses

This short-term course will give you the insight of travel and tourism in a very short time and then you can opt for any graduation to upgrade or you can simply work in the same field.

Diploma in Travel & Tourism

It is one-year diploma courses for the 12th class students. Which provides quick information about travel and tourism and its history in India and worldwide.

  • Domestic & International Packages
  • International Air Ticketing Travel Formalities
  • Travel Geography
  • Travel Agency Management

Professional Courses

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines.

If one wants to learn about how to provide the best flight, accommodation.

  • Subjects Include in IATA Foundation Course
  • Overall Geography Knowledge
  • Fare Calculation CRS – Amadeus
  • Handle customer query on passport & Visa requirements Sales of Air-ticketing
  •  Hotel accommodation
  •  Cruises
  • Rail travels and other Tourism Product

These Travel and tourism courses attract thousands of aspirants every year. These courses are one of the best ways to seek opportunities in travel and tourism in a very less span of time.

However, one must have practical expectations about the outcomes. By pursuing one of these short-term courses.

you surely get into the travel and tourism industry. many institutions are providing travel and tourism courses.

If you are looking to enroll in the above travel and tourism courses in Delhi. You can think about Travel O Course is one of the best travel and tourism institute in Delhi.

which provides you all air ticketing course with practical knowledge and provide you 100% placement.

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