5 Reasons to Choose Travel & Tourism as your Career

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5 Reasons to Choose Travel & Tourism as your Career

Hello Guys!!! Today we talk about why we should choose Career in Travel and Tourism.


Once we Complete our 12th or Graduation we are forced to do a job or Business through family or by our own state of mind to give a Kick start to our career. So then the ultimate Question which keep rotating in our mind is which career line i should choose so i can have good salary and good growth opportunities time to time.


As we all Know there are several Career Options where we look to make a Career after 12th or Graduation as per our Stream for example Arts students look to make their career in Teaching or LLB likewise Commerce Students look their Career in Accounts and related fields and science students look for MBBS, pathology, engineering etc.

So now the question arise that Do we only have limited options as per our stream or we can do lot more if we have different mindset?


So here is the answer!!! Some students no matter from which Stream they are have a desire to have Career in Airlines and Airports Industry with the desire to visit every city in India and abroad or to Visit all Popular destinations of the world and want to make their career as per their Desired Interest. All those Students should choose Travel & Tourism which is the Best Field to make a Career in 2020

Now again more Questions arises in everyone minds like what is this Travel and Tourism Field? what types of Career options we can have if we like to enter? and how much competition this field have ? what type of Growth opportunities are in this field? and why we should choose this field as career as we have many other options available in the Market as per my Stream.

So here we will tell you the 5 Best Reasons why you should choose Travel & Tourism as Career Field over other career fields.

1. The very first reason to Choose Travel & Tourism as career is the Lack of  Awareness: In India around 70% of the Population still don't know about this career Option the people still don't know that Travel & Tourism is the Second Largest Growing Industry in the World and due to this lack of awareness this industry has the lowest Competition Level as compared to all Other fields and with Unlimited Growth Options it becomes the V.best field for Freshers as there is always a huge demand of Skill Employees in this Industry. This Field has v.limited Government Job Options but still Private Companies are too good in this field and provide unlimited growth opportunities.

2. We all know that travel & tourism Comes under as a part of Tourism & Hospitality Industry but maximum of us still don't know that jobs and Work in Travel & Tourism Industry is far Professional and Practical from Hospitality sector and also wider in sense of Professionalism,Growth Opportunities and working habits. Where in Hospitality sector we more focus Hosting our Clients in Hotel and Hospitality Sector but in Travel and Tourism we guide our Clients to have a leisure and business trips all round the world.

3. When a person choose travel & tourism as a career field he opens the door of Unlimited Opportunities in different Sectors of Travel & Tourism like Airlines, Airport, Travel Agencies of India & Abroad, Travel Management Companies and various other Companies working under Travel Domain for Example Companies like Make My Trip, Goibibo, Yatra, Cleartrip, Expedia, Ease my Trip and many more.

4. Fourth Reason you should Choose travel & tourism as a Career field is best in Class Starting Salary Packages with Unexpected Growth Opportunities after 1 to 3 Year of Experience in Line and Business Opportunities in the field of Ticketing and Packages. This is the Best Part there are many students who has the interest in doing business but they can't get support from family side and comes in Job. Here in Travel and Tourism one can start his/her own business after taking little experience from Job and can take their career to another level this type of opportunity don't come with other Career streams.

5. This is the only field in which all of the study structure is Internationally based and if you learn travel & tourism skills you can have jobs in any country of the World. All world speaks and work in only one type of language as Travel for Travel Professionals through GDS. The working structure of All Airports, Airlines and Travel Agencies is same all over the world under the governance of IATA ( International Air Transport Association).

So guys if you are looking to go for a special type of Career you are thinking right this is the career for you. This career have all type of desires everyone likes to have in its career like good salary, good incentives, Professional Working Environment, Domestic and International Trips without spending any money from your own pocket and unlimited career growth etc.

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