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Aviation & Air Ticketing Training:

Aviation Training Course like Cabin Crew and Air Ticketing Course are exceptionally looked course by the youth today.

In these Courses Students learn how to be A piece of Flying in Airlines, How Travel Industry works, All about Aircraft Configuration and Air Ticketing according to underneath latest syllabus prepared by TOC.


Any youth covetous of being a piece of the glitzy Flight in Travel Industry can join our courses.

These courses has been designed by our 25+ Experience Industry Experts and The Placement Help will be given to all Students who dedicately Learn these Courses.

Some of the Course Details Are:

  1. Class Introduction to International travel, Airlines, Travel agencies, working at the airport and booking offices.

  2. Introduction to IATA, ICAO, and other agencies assisting airlines, laws of airlines.

  3. World Geography, Countries, Capitals, Currencies.

  4. Placing of cities on maps of Asia, North Americstralia, Europe.

  5. Placing of cities on maps of Africa, Australia.

  6. IATA Geography, Areas and other terms used in IATA.

  7. Documents for travel, Passports, Visa, Health documents, Introduction to TIM.

  8. Test, World time, time calculations, flying time calculation.

  9. Introduction to OAG.

  10. Three letter city codes.

  11. Two-letter country codes

  12. Itinerary making, logical itinerary.

  13. Domestic travel, International travel, Type of Journeys, Type of fares, Normal & special fares.

  14. Tickets, Std Tickets, BSP tickets, E-tickets.

  15. Point to point fares, One-way fares using mileage principle.

  16. Calculation of one-way fares with a stopover and with no stopover, EMA, Specified Routing EMS.

  17. Calculation of one-way fares with EMA.

  18. Calculation of one-way fares with EMS, HIP.

  19. Difference between round trip fare and circle trip fares.

  20. Calculations of round trip fare, with HIP, EMS.

  21. Calculations of circle trip fares.

  22. Calculations of circle trip fares with EMA, SMS.

  23. Calculation of fares cheapest combination.

  24. Calculation of fares Open Jaw.

  25. Issuance of the manual ticket, reading of tickets, Linear fares.

  26. What is MCO, MPD.

  27. What is Credit Cards, Types of Credit Cards, UATP Cards.

  28. Calculations of Lowest combination of fares.

  29. Test, What is GDS, a different type of Reservation systems available,

  30. Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Word Span.

  31. How do we check different things on Amadeus System?

  32. Reading Amadeus time table, Availability.

  33. Creation of PNR, Mandatory elements and optional elements.

  34. Action codes, other supplementary information.

  35. Retrieving bookings.

  36. fares display. Travel O Course is one of the best travel and tourism institute in Delhi which provides you all Aviation and Air Ticketing courses in Delhi with practical knowledge.

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Note: Travel O Course is not a Placement Consultancy its an Travel Training Institute, We don't Provide any Lower Level Jobs at Airports or Airlines. We only Provide Official Level Jobs with Job Placement Guarantee in specified Fields to those who do Minimum 3 Month Training from Us and Minimum Qualification for All Trainings is 12th/Under Graduate/Graduation for having Admission in Our Trainings.

We Only Provide Higher Level International Based Education & Certifications for Job Placement Opportunity in Airport & Airline Industry.




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