Amadeus Training Program: A promising career prospect for travel professionals

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In the previous blog titled “Travel and tourism industry is poised to rise”, we discussed how the travel and tourism industry is prepared to bounce back after the lockdown period imposed due to the pandemic COVID-19 is over. We also had a brief talk about various career opportunities in the sector, so now let us focus on learning in detail about these courses one by one. Before beginning with Amadeus Training, first let see what GDS is all about.  

GDS (Global Distribution System):

GDS is primarily a reservation tool or network that allows travel agencies to make smooth transactions with the industry providers.  This network uses real-time inventory for handling all the operations between a provider and the travel agent. The operations include flight bookings, accommodation booking, and compare reservation rates and options across all the travel sectors worldwide. This real-time inventory has helped several travel agents to operate with great efficiency and generate more revenue through sales. 

What is Amadeus GDS and why is it important?

Owned by the prestigious Amadeus IT Group located in Madrid - Spain, Amadeus is at the forefront of Global Distribution Systems in the industry of travel and tourism worldwide. The advanced automation technology, highly synchronous real-time information, efficient consumer information management, quick seat confirmation, and frequent-flyer programs make this cost-effective system a highly preferred business tool among the prominent players of the global travel and tourism industry.

Amadeus Certification

This Amadeus Training focuses on increasing your knowledge of the Amadeus Global Distribution System. In this course, you will be made familiar with the Amadeus Reservation Desktop’s graphical environment, a next-Gen graphical user interface designed to facilitate the airline agents. 

Contents of our Amadeus Training Course:

  • Getting started: Introduction to the Amadeus Central System, getting information and help, and the process of encoding/decoding information into an Amadeus Central System

  • Amadeus Air: Searching of available flights, displaying of flight schedules/timetables, and execution of dual city-pairs

  • Mandatory elements of PNR: 5 mandatory elements of PNR, adding a name to a PNR, booking a seat, booking an extra seat, creating an open segment, and inserting AP, RF, or TK

  • Optional elements of PNR: Generating request for the SSRs, usage of seat maps, creating an SSR explosion, working with frequent flyer numbers, and adding remarks/OSI elements

  • PNR modifying: Retrieving a PNR or PDR, modifying a name or an itinerary, associating/dissociating of PNR elements, canceling a PNR element, and copying/printing a PNR

  • Pricing and fares: Pricing an itinerary, generating a request for an informative pricing or a fair display, executing of fare follow-up transactions, and using of Amadeus Master Pricer Expert

  • Ticketing: Issuing a ticket and displaying/reading of a TST (Transitional Stored Ticket)

  • Invoices, itineraries, and Amadeus queues: Introduction and their working method


Apart from these, the trainee will also be able to understand other important aspects associated with a Global Distribution System, namely, the Amadeus web environment and architecture, E-ticketing management, refunding handling, and voiding documents in this GDS Training.

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