Jobs and Career Option in Travel and tourism

Travel & Tourism is a service industry giving a lot of occasions to meet lots of people if one enjoys meeting people and making them joyful.

Travel and Tourism board estimates, about 205 million people employed in 2001 that existed because of the life of Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality and associated Industry.

About 8.0 % of total employed work in the world and 2.7 % of total employed people in India are from the dynamic Travel Industry. According to the Government of India Ministry of Travel & Tourism, currently, more than 4 million people are employed in the Travel Industry.

The Travel & Tourism Jobs can be motivating, remunerative and exciting which can be in the sectors of Airlines, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and that requires strength, tolerance and Most of the entry in the Travel Industry happens by the sake of experience however there are Schools, Institutes and Universities, that train people for the different skills needed for Travel and Tourism Jobs and there are Hotel Management Institutes and Travel Management Institutes in public and private sectors. There are craft institutes to guide people like chefs and cooks.

There is no lack of Jobs in the Travel Industry. There are Colleges and Universities which are providing Bachelors's and Master's level courses in Travel Management.

Jobs in Travel Company

Airlines are the most important Travel Industry employers, offering Jobs at various jobs ranging from the entry point to Top Management level. Jobs are Reservation Agents, Flight Attendants including Air Hostesses, Maintenance Staff, and Aircraft Mechanic, etc.

Travel Agents are mostly retailers who deal with Air-Tickets as a Product. There may be a smaller Travel Executive as well. Travel Tour Operators are Tour organizers and mainly they are Domestic, Inbound and Outbound. They usually don't accept Ticketing as a major source of income. They usually require Tour Planners, Tour Escorts, Publicity and Reservation Specialists, Transport Co-coordinators, etc.

They hold the Accommodation aspect of Travel and Tourism. They need people at different levels like General Managers, Resident Managers, Accountants, Management Trainees, Director of HR and Personnel, Director of Sales Marketing. Staffs and Travel Executives are in the clerical department.

Transport Companies owning Transport Fleet needs driver's helper, etc.

A travel Industry has all the jobs needed in hotels and restaurants besides that there are opportunities in Food Joints, Entertainment, Recreation, and Leisure Company. Travel Industry like WTO, IATA, IATO, etc, as well as Travel Media and Research Organizations

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