IATA Certificate – Destination Geography

What you will learn:
A description of 12 basic types of leisure travelers.
 Characteristics of human populations on all continents including a model of the “World Village”.
 The world’s major mountains, oceans, seas, rivers and other bodies of water that attract visitors.
 Distinguishing between the terms “weather” and “climate” and their impact on destinations.
 How climate is affected by latitude, altitude, winds and proximity to water.
 A review of the 15 top countries visited by international travelers, highlighting practical country information and niche attractions and activities in a downloadable workbook.

Target Audience

  • Leisure and corporate travel agents
  • Event and meeting planners
  • Tour operators and guides
  •  Corporate travel managers

Certificate Awarded

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded an E-Certificate.

Exam Method: Online Non Supervised Exam.
Exam Format:  Multiple Choice Questions.

  Course Modules

  •  Geography and the Travel Sales Process
  •  Destination Geography and the Leisure Traveler
  •  The World’s Continents
  •  Human Population and the “World Village”
  •  Major Natural Geographical Features
  •  The Effect of Climate on Travel
  •  Major World Tourist Destinations and Attractions

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