Importance of GDS in Travel Industry

The Global Distribution System (GDS) is the most important reservation tool for travel agents. If you have a travel business, you probably have used the GDS lots of times during each workday. There are two facts about GDS. First is what is GDS and second is why to GDS important to the travel industry?

What is GDS?

GDS is a software system that enables travel agencies by which their customers to access travel data and book railway, airlines, flights, hotels, cars and bus reservations.

GDS Training like the system operated by Travel O Course creates billions of dollars in worldwide travel sales. GDS links all those services transversely to the three main travel reservation sectors like the airline, hotel, and ground transportation.

There are three important GDS systems: Galileo, Amadeus, and SABRE.

Importance of GDS for Travel Agents

Visualizes a big room with big round tables. Seated around every table are airline reservation employees. As a ticketing appeal is called in, a reservationist reaches out to a very big revolving Lazy Susan positioned on every table. The Lazy Susan has cubby holes which house index file cards; every card show an airline flight.

The reservationist pulls a card, symbols it to show a seat is booked, a ticket is yourself written, the phone call is completed and the index card is returned to its cubby hole. The process for one reservation takes time approx between 2 to 3 hours.

The latest GDS system evolved from this early labor-intensive manual system, thanks to the joint team efforts of American Airlines and IBM.  The answer to that collaboration? The first airline industry mainframe-based system, SABRE.

Self-governing travel agents, online agents, and travel agencies now use progressively more classy GDS systems to search for the best accessible travel and accommodations and rates for their customers.

Travel agents will create airline and hotel reservations for customers and they will complete their research and bookings within minutes.

Promotional messaging to travel agents through GDS cores like the most famous airline national distribution systems (Amadeus, SABRE, Galileo, and Worldspan) attentive agents to special rates, fares, and travel packages - a valuable marketing tool for passing savings on to agents and from agents to their customers.

Not only is messaging through GDSs efficient in promoting travel savings to customers but also GDS providers are becoming primary to the supply of travel products to retailers in the online channel.



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