Professional Courses after 12th

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Professional Courses after 12th

If you want to start your career after 12th then you have to visit travelocourse this institute teach so many sort term courses which you can do after 12th class.

Travelocourse is an institute which helps you to achieve the objectives and goals of your life.

This institute provides you all courses related to professional, International and travel expert courses.

Professional courses not only give you the aim but also ensure the placement in the top companies of travel & tourism.

The content of the professional courses provides you the General Information regarding travel & tourism, travel documentation & terminologies.

This course also included GDS training, making of PNR, Pricing of PNR, Fare filing, and TST Creation, etc.

You can also learn about the basic of Air Ticketing, Negotiation Skills and Sales technique required for travel & tourism companies. In this professional course.

you also learned about the courses of Understanding Visa and Foreign Exchange, End to END Package sale process, Hotel products and services, Travel Excel Training and basics of Photoshop training.

The duration of these courses is 9 months. We understand the quality tine of your life. So, we take 3 classes in a week and 2 hrs for the classes.

This will not put any load on the students. They can understand the content of the course and learn the course in a better way.

Travel management and tourism management courses attract thousands of aspirants every year. These courses are one of the best ways to seek opportunities in travel and tourism in a very less span of time.  

However, one must have realistic expectations about the outcomes. By pursuing one of these short-term courses, you surely get into the travel and tourism industry.

Travel O Course is one of the best travel and tourism institute in Delhi which provides all air ticketing course with practical knowledge.

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