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The tourist guide's job is both a wonderful and difficult Career in Travel Industry. A tourist guide has to make the tourist spots aesthetically attractive, whether it the slender and dirty lanes of a historical city or the outstanding background of Himalayas.

He has to support the cultural civilization and legacy of the place being visited and also talk of social customs, even local superstitions. It is important to satisfy the interest of a tourist, mainly the first-timers. Talent to handle people, verbal fluency, and aptitude for languages is the skill set required to be successful in the field.

You need to have a careful knowledge relating to traveling and tourist place, business policy and social manners. For become a Tour Guide you can joins travel and tourism courses from any organization or institutes.

Finally, the talent and patience to help and provide hospitality is a must. One should also have up-to-date information about available facilities and services in the field.

This is an upward field which offers outstanding opportunities in the field of tour operations, tour-packages, sight-seeing, etc. Many employ opportunities survive in this industry.

Travel services including here..

  1. Tour Operators
  2. Travel Agents
  3. Travel Executive
  4. Transport Service
  5. Adventure Tourism Becoming a Tourist Guide can open many opportunities in India or abroad in the following way.
  6. Make many earning in terms of good perks, payment and commission amount. The DOT Charges are anywhere between Two to Three Thousand RS daily.
  7. Improve silence, success and kindness ambassador for the country and worried culture.
  8. Being in the peoples' industry one becomes street smart and can control any of the most awful of the situation.

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